“The back pain I used to live with was beginning to interrupt my work.  I am a police officer and much of our time is spent sitting in our vehicles.  With all the equipment attached to us and our enormous belts, it can be challenging to adjust comfortably.  I was beginning to have some difficulty even getting out of the car without experiencing pain and discomfort.  Then I was encouraged to see Lyn.  She was able to relieve my muscles and tendons and she brought my level of quality of life and work to a new high.  She has been able to bring a balance in my health and give me the freedom to work.  I would recommend and greatly encourage anyone experiencing pain, discomfort or even an overworked mind to visit Lyn and see what a difference she will make in your life as well!” -T.J. Lepre, Police Officer

“Soothing, healing, AMAZING!” -Kelli Paradise, Spa Owner

“Lyn does a great job and I would highly recommend her services! I have had fibromyalgia for years and Lyn’s hand pressure was perfect for my condition. The build up of stress from my nursing job subsided and all my muscle tension just melted away. It was so relaxing and the hour long treatment proved to be just the therapy I needed. She is a true professional!” -Mary Frances Najarian

“I have had quite a few massages in the past not on a consistent basis. Due to my high stress job I decided to incorporate massage into my lifestyle. I fully expected to shop around for the right therapist. Fortunately for me I met Lyn! She listens to my needs making it an individualized experience. Not only does she help my body but once you have the pleasure of going to Lyn you will finds she connects mind, body and soul. It’s a unique experience you won’t find. Do yourself a favor and schedule that appointment.” –Kati Gadreau

“I had the BEST massage from Lyn in North Kingstown last night. I highly recommend her! Can’t wait to go back.” -Fran Vaudreuil

“Lyn gives the best back massages. Her pressure is perfect and I leave feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.” – Renee Reis

“My experience at RI Massage was extremely positive. I felt relaxed and at ease the entire time. As a runner, I typically suffer from aches and pains. my entire body felt so much better following my massage. I highly recommend going to Lyn for a massage, you won’t regret it!” -Melissa Nathaniel

“I can honestly claim Lyn as a top rated massage therapist, having been a repeat client for the past few months. For instance, her knowledge of pressure points and the use of hot stones during therapy proved outstanding!” -Lisa of North Scituate

“Lyn conducted a full body massage including the scalp. It was the most relaxing massage I had to date. I highly recommend her services.”  -Christine Peuffier

“When I first had my first massage with Lyn….my first thought was “this is what you are born to do!” Lyn is so caring, compassionate, sensitive and intuitively knows where your body needs help. I can come to Lyn so stressed out and worn out from work and life and in one hour I am rejuvinated and stress free. I am so happy she has found her niche in life and that I am lucky enough to be a client.” -Lynne Peters, Sterling, CT.