Rhody Facial

This relaxing treatment includes a combination of Hydrotherapy, Swedish Massage, Acupressure Points and passive exercises in a relaxing treatment to the face, scalp, neck and upper body.

During this treatment your face will be cleansed, massaged and a mask, toner and moisturizer will be applied. A combination of marine, plants and essential oils are used throughout the treatment.

Some Benefits:

Realigns facial muscles; relaxes and invigorates muscles of the scalp, neck and shoulders. Creates inner harmony, a sense of well-being and greater body awareness; nourishes the skin at a cellular level; exfoliates and softens facial skin. May help to release tension headaches.

  • 60 minutes-$75
  • Add an exfoliating foot scrub – $5


Call to schedule an appointment: (401) 824-6606